Friday, 2 December 2011

Wardrobe management

I've done a lot of clearing out over the last few months, getting rid of things that are very much no longer 'me'.  Things that I loved, but that really, a 40 year old mother probably shouldn't (can't?) wear.  The very short See by Chloe sequined mini springs to mind (happily shipped via Ebay to an excited new owner).
Conversely I've got rid of things that make me feel old.  The navy blue knee length sweater dress is one of them.

And this week I've been trying to document what remains.  Two things are obvious.
1) I have a lot of clothes
2) There are some amazing clothes that I never wear

So I've spent time coming up with outfits from my documented list.  At the moment, most of the outfits on there are tried and tested combinations and things I wear anyway.  But I'm marking each item as it gets used in an outfit, and trying to find ways of wearing each item.  That way I'm hoping that I can identify items (or even groups of items) that I don't really ever wear.
Maybe its because it doesn't fit with my lifestyle, maybe I don't have the right things to go with it.  Or maybe its because I love it, but it just isn't me or my style.
The first and third categories I will be being brutally honest and getting rid of those things that don't work.
And I've already identified a couple of wardrobe gaps that will enable me to make outfits out of some of those poor neglected pieces.

Maybe wardrobe planning is the way to go after all?

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