Monday, 11 March 2013

Project 333 wardrobe March

Project 333 wardrobe March

First of all, apologies for this being a bit late, but here is my 33 item wardrobe for March (from Polyvore).  Its had a few last minute additions as the weather here in London has suddenly turned freezing and snowy again (please- its March!  Some warmth would be most welcome).  Luckily I'd actually originally planned to 29 items only, so it was easy to add on a couple of things.  You'll notice its not too dissimilar to February in composition - I was hoping it would have a bit more of a springlike look to it by now- but with this weather we are still firmly in winter mode.  Just one significant new addition - my new Whistles dress (the blue and pink patterned one front and centre stage).  Its hubby's birthday tomorrow, so this will be getting an outing.  Can't wait!

I'm finding this 33 item wardrobe idea strangely liberating at the moment, although I suspect as the weather starts changing it may become trickier to cover all the bases.  It has definitely helped me to get rid of a number of things out of the wardrobe - focusses the mind on what really works rather than keeping things just in case.  Last month and this month together I've cleared 40 items out (10 % of my total wardrobe) - with another 12 that need Ebaying when I get round to it.  Slowly and surely.

Would love to know what you think.  Any suggestions of pieces to add?

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