Monday, 5 March 2012

I am still here!

Sorry for the radio silence everyone, life has suddenly become a little bit busy chez Biscuit.  Combination of work, and the better weather has made less time for both blogging and sewing, but I have been having a good old shop, and also a bit of a social life for once!

Friday night was a fabulous visit to the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy with my BFF D.  So many amazing pictures, and almost all painted in God's own county (of which more later).
Don't you just love the vibrancy and the unexpectness?

We also had dinner at the Wolseley which is still, despite all the new restaurant openings in London, my absolute favourite favourite.  Such a treat!

I'm also very excited about next weekend.  Its Mr Biscuit's birthday, as well as our 12th wedding anniversary (eep!) and the Biscuits 18 month birthday.  So a big weekend all round.  We decided to go to Harrogate for the weekend, which means a) a weekend in God's own county and b) a trip here


I mentioned I have been doing much shopping.  Will share with you in another post another day.  Have any of you bought anything fabulous recently?

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