Monday, 30 April 2012

Getting back on track

Sorry – it has been far too long hasn’t it.  But I’ve been rather side-tracked by the wonder that is Pinterest.  So easy to do, I can pin things from my phone or iPad, whereas blogging properly really needs the laptop.
I’ve got various boards going on Pinterest.  I started with Fashion and Home things – picking up magpie-like on various lovely pictures that are out there.
But recently I’ve started posting and reading more fitness pictures and things that will inspire me on my quest to get back in shape post-baby, including some of the fabulous ‘Fitspo’*  blogs out there.
Pictures of girls with proper muscles and proper abdominals – girls who look like I used to.

 I have never been ‘skinny’ – but I have been very, very fit.  I am naturally athletically built, and love exercising, so I have no idea why it has been so hard to get back into it after having the Biscuit.  Having given it much thought I suspect it may be because most recently I was a ‘proper’ runner.  I was doing a couple of marathons a year and a relatively high number of other races, with a significant training load.  I just don’t have time to do that now – and running only 20-25 miles a week just doesn’t cut it weight-loss wise.
So it’s time for a different approach – and I’m going back to my roots with more weight-training, more shorter time, higher intensity sessions. 
And using girls like this as my inspiration.

One day I may post a photo of myself in my gym gear as a starting point.  Then I will be able to see where I’ve come from.  But I need to gather my courage first!
* apparently this stands for Fitspiration, a derivative of the original 'Thinspiration' blogs.  No - I didn't know either, but there are some great blogs and Tumblrs out there with some truly smoking bodies to gaze at and take inspiration from.

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