Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blogger envy

I don't think that blogger lifestyle envy has ever hit me quite so hard as when I started reading this utterly gorgeous blog this afternoon.


Stunning photography, amazing recipes, and a lifestyle in the French countryside that when I'm sitting in my air-conditioned City office, contemplating yet another report, leaves me feeling almost hollow with envy.  Oh to be natural, glamorous and fabulous, popping out on my bicyclette to buy a baguette or two, before whipping up some delicious dish, and taking the most amazingly atmospheric photos.

Mimi - your blog is utterly fabulous, and I hope you don't mind me sharing some images and links here:

la-tarte-au-chocolat/  - I am so going to try this.

And these little tartlets look amazing too. 

 Vegetable tartlets.

Other lovely blogs for dreaming hazily of a completely different life:

Rosy Little Things - a homely life in Oregon

And for indulging my food and New York living fantasies all together

Smitten Kitchen

Hope you all enjoy as much as I have!  Do you have any other suggestions for those dreamy lifestyle blogs?  Please let me know x

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