Thursday, 8 August 2013

How to be gracious in the office

1)      Treat others as you would wish to be treated – from the most junior member of staff, to the boss
2)      Never shout or raise your voice.
3)      Dress appropriately whatever your working environment
4)      Accept criticism and feedback with equanimity.  Seek to do better.  Don’t be defensive
5)      Be on time
6)      Don’t hog the floor in meetings
7)      Be aware of your personal hygiene.  Do not wear strong perfume.
8)      Deliver what you’ve been asked to deliver.  Don’t delegate at the last minute unless it is absolutely necessary.
9)      Make the working environment pleasant – talk to people and express an interest
10)   Praise in public, criticise in private.
11)   Don’t use e-mail instead of picking up the phone, or better, visiting the person at their desk
12)   Do not avoid work social events.  Conversely, try not to be the one left partying at the end of the evening (at least, not all the time)
13)   Never burn bridges
14)   Always act professionally, even when others do not
15)   Avoid using inappropriate language
16)   Get to know those you work with, and make use of their strengths and particular talents
17)   Deliver difficult messages without procrastination or hesitation, but also with empathy
18)   Always do the right thing
19)   Remain calm under pressure, even when everyone else is losing their cool.
20)   Stay away from office gossip
21)   Don’t take yourself too seriously
22)   Be loyal, be engaged, be genuine
23)   Be happy to give credit where credit is due, be happy for other’s success
24)   It’s not usually what you say, but how you say it that matters
25)   Never underestimate the value of good manners
26)   Apologise, don’t make excuses.  Put things right.
27)   Support your team.  Don’t ask them to do things you wouldn’t do yourself
28)   Acknowledge effort as well as output
29)   Stay in contact with people.  Don’t just connect when you need something
30)   Find ways to enjoy your work

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