Friday, 9 August 2013

Project 333 July

Project 333 July
So - here it is - better late than never.  This is my 33 item wardrobe for July.  I did much better this month, staying within the 33 items, however it was much easier because the weather was consistently warm rather than varying between freezing cold and boiling hot.  I also had a week long business trip for which I took 2 tops, 1 pair of trousers, 1 jacket and 1 dress and only 1 pair of shoes.  Go me!  My luggage was almost empty.
The one thing that surprises me looking at this is the subdued colour palette.  Lots of navy and stripes.  I did have one week at the coast when I lived in t-shirts and shorts, and my summer dresses, which do tend towards the navy spectrum, have had lots of wear.  Couldn't have managed without my red ballet pumps though.
Progress on overall wardrobe simplification has also been good.  I've reduced the total number of items in my closet by a further 25 in the last 3 months, to 225 in total.  I know that still sounds a lot, but I'm getting towards the stage where most things have been worn more than once, and where things that don't make me feel good are gone.  I'm starting to think that further simplification would lead to getting rid of things for the sake of getting rid of them, rather than because I don't have space, don't use them, don't like them etc.
I love my clothes, and I'm learning that however organised I like things, and however much I dislike overstuffed closets, I also very much like having choices and being able to play around with my look.   I love 'shopping my closet' and making new outfits from things I already have.  

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